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Re: tell me about water births

I delivered my third baby three weeks ago and while it was not a water birth, I did labor in the water till I was fully dialated. If I have any other children, I will be doing the same thing. The relief was amazing and immediate as soon as I got in the water. I went from not feeling any break in my contractions to having pain free periods between them to rest. All of my births have been unmedicated and this was the easiest and quickest birth I've had so far. I don't think it was only due to laboring in water, but I'm sure that helped. The hardest part of my labor was getting out to be checked and then to push, but due to the size of my babies (all 9+ lbs) my midwife wanted to have more control over the actual birthing than me pushing in the water would have allowed her. I would not hesitate to reccomend a water birth or at least laboring in water to anyone, it was awsome.
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