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Re: Lost toy at sitter's house, advice?

Originally Posted by Ashleah143 View Post
I'm sorry anyone got offended my my post. I defiantly do not Hover my kids and saying they will grow up to be idiots is rather rude. What I meant was I know where my kids are throughout the day do if something goes missing I know where to look most of the time. I didn't mean to imply the sitter wasn't watching him properly I meant that if she was watching him she should know where it could be.

I wasn't implying your kids were hovered over or going to grow up to be idiots. But, saying that you would know where to look for one small lost toy because you would have been watching better is rude to everybody else who's child has lost a toy.

I have an entire daycare. I know WHERE to look for a lost toy, but if it isn't in the playroom, kitchen, backyard, or family room, then i'm stumped. I don't play with the toy, I don't know where they put it down.

Do you have any idea how hard it is just to find SOCKS at the end of a day? Matching socks? I hate sock weather. HATE IT.


Also, in defense of the OP, I understood where she was saying she was frustrated and wished the provider could find it. But, I didn't get the idea she wanted it replaced. She just really wishes it would turn up.

And, it will. But, maybe not for a while.
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