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Why yes, yes I would LOVE to drop everything.... wonderful son, and come wipe your butt! Whhhaaa....?????

Had to post this on FB too! Why is it that only moms can wipe bottoms, pour apple juice and get a snack??? I don't have some magical touch, but my goodness, you'd think I was the mommy-god when it comes to such things!!

Nothing like a 4 year old throwing a fit ON the toilet because I've sent daddy in to wipe help get things...errrr, cleaned up...while I cook dinner! Screaming, and I do mean a banshee is in the house, type screaming...."I WANT MOMMY TO WIPE MY BUTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ....comes from the restroom.

And apparently apple juice and snacks taste better when I get them ready too

And like a good friend pointed out, but only daddy's get uninterrupted time in the bathroom! TRUE story! Even when I lock my door, little hot wheels cars, string cheese, paper, books, whatever will fit under the crack...comes inside the door!

Anyone else have this magical touch
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