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Re: tell me about water births

Water helped tremendously. I loved that tub. Pain was still there, but I could tolerate it (whereas when they made me get out I was in excruciating pain, I have long prodromal labour (3-4 days), followed by long active labour(14+ hours), because my uterus and cervix are tilted and I have to wait for it to come around >_<).

Healing- I felt GREAT. The first 2 days after birth I was a bit sore, but after that? I felt perfect, like I hadn't just pushed out a baby. After DD1's hospital birth and a long and painful/uncomfortable recovery it was a shock to feel so good. I attribute it to a combo of the water and of using comfrey soaked pads and comfrey in a peri bottle afterwards

DD2 was 8 days late by ultrasound date (11 days late if you went by my LMP), but I had a homebirth, so they really didn't care if I went late. Had nothing to do with the waterbirth.
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