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Originally Posted by MyVintageBliss
Wow, I can't believe that Cynthia!! When did this happen and how did this happen? That's just crazy, so sorry. I know you must be stressed out but just try to rely on Jehovah. We're definitely thinking of y'all and please let us know if there is something we can do. Keep us updated!!!
It happened today. They withdrew it all this afternoon. the bank said that you should never use a bank card to purchase anything online, to only use credit cards. When you purchase online using your bc the business gets all your acct info...all it takes is a dishonest employee..
So depressing. We just barely get by week after week......and I don't complain, I am content with what we have...but I have never had to deal with someone taking what little we do have! just seems so unfair! But who says life in this world is fair, huh?
Cynthia mom of 6

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