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Re: Those of you that have had late losses (10+ weeks)...

Man. I hate hearing about all of these stories.

The thing with me, is that even though I did see a heartbeat on ultrasound, I'm unsure of what it actually was, like, bpm. I never asked because I was so wrapped up in watching baby on screen. Was measuring right on time at the ultrasound a week ago.

Have had no bleeding, spotting or anything. Mild cramping, but never lasts more than a few minutes, and doesn't get terribly painful or anything. Normal stretching, I suppose.

I'm just scared to death of losing this one. There's nothing that makes me think it's really going to happen, except knowing it's possible. I go for another appt. next Wednesday (the 10th), and should hear the heartbeat then. Just trying to wait patiently. Also have my pap that day.
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