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Re: Chat Thread ~ Sept 30th-Oct 6th

Originally Posted by delicatefade View Post
So we have officially made an offer on the house we looked at! And it's been approved by the husband, lol. My DH went out for lunch with him today (they play hockey together, so they aren't strangers) and he accepted the offer. He just wants to run it by his wife first. I can't believe it! If she says yes, we will be moving March 1st.... that's a month and a half before baby is due. Yikes! But I'd rather move before than after.
That's great! It's a really cute house - from that pic anyways! I hope it all works out for you, and somehow you're able to move in a little before March. Although I guess much before that and it'll still be our bitter cold. But you're totally right - would much rather be moved in and settled (somewhat) before baby comes rather than after!

Originally Posted by rverrone11 View Post
I'm jealous! It's over 90 here.
That's a bit warm, lol. But I'd prefer it to this. BRR!

Originally Posted by mapleleaf88 View Post
Jelly! Hehe
That house is super cute! I'm dreading spending another winter in this gross damp basement apartment. DH and I discussed it, and we'd rather spend one more winter here and buy a house next year, than move into a more expensive nicer rental and get comfortable and forget our goal.
You'll get there.

Originally Posted by dagmomma View Post
HAd a Dr appt today. Couldn't find a heartbeat. The Dr is thinking the placenta was in there way--he thought he heard a faint heartbeat. He said he would've had me go right to sonogram if we were in his other office. The office I went to today did not have office. My next appt is in 4 wks. I guess I will now if something is wrong by then.
Oh mama That's so scary. that it's just the placenta and everything is a-ok with that babe in there.
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