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Re: Possible induction for high BP and really nervous

Didn't have HBP but did have an induction. This is based only on my experience. I didn't want to be induced. In retrosepect it was the right decision. I wanted all natural and was very unhappy. That being said, it was not the worst experience of my life (certainly not the best) and here's what I would have done differently.

First, it seems from reading posts here on DS that there are a lot of procedures called "induction." There is the you just need a little pit to get you going on the one hand to starting from zero, get the cervidil/cytotec doing for 12 to 24 hours then start pit then maybe AROM, etc... DISCUSS with your dr/mw what exactly the game plan is. This will calm your fears (hopefully) and help you make better decisions.

I had started with a bishop's score of 3. The bishop's score is a matrix of dilation, cervical softness, station, effacement and other factors. It's used to predict the sucessfullness of an induction. The lower the score, the worse your chances.

I checked in to the hospital at 10 pm on a thursday. They gave me cervidil early in the morning (this is the one that is made for induction vs. cytotec which is the off-brand usage). The benefit of cervidil is that it can be removed (it's a string) if induction isn't going well and stop whatever side effect is going on. The downside is that it costs around $300. Drs use cytotec (costs about 35 cents) not approved for use as a cervical rippener and cannot be removed.

I was hooked up to a monitor but I was able to get the dr to agree to let me walk around for 15 min every hour if everything looked good. This was essential to keep my sanity. I had 2 doses of the cervidil (24 hours worth). I did have some random contractions but nothing big time.

Sat at about 4 or 5pm they started the pitocin. That was when things got bad for me. I really really really didn't want an epidural. It was the most pain I have ever experienced. At 11 pm the baby's heart had decels and they stopped the pit. I was dilated to an 8 but the baby was still really high up. There was a big discussion on whether I was c/s worthy or not. I told them I needed an epi RIGHT now and couldn't discuss/care what was going on until I had pain relief. They let me keep going.

I had the epi and slept (haha) until 6 in the morning. I'm fine with needles and the epi didn't really seem scary to me anyways. I was surprised at the level of feeling that I had. I could totally feel my feet (which scared the crap out of me b/c I thought that I could have had a c/s at any time until a nurse told me they turn it up) but my butt and thighs were numb.

At six, I could feel the baby's head was down there. I told the nurse and she said we were finally a go to have a baby. They turned the epi down or off. I pushed for 2 or 2.5 hours and had a vaginally birth. I had no need to push what so ever, but i could definitely feel the contractions. The nurses were great, helped me figure out how to push. The nurses constantly re-positioned me - side laying, squat bar, pulling on towel, sitting up, laying on my back, etc. There was no yelling or counting, they told me to push during the contractions and that was it. I KNOW the epi had worn off at the crowning because I felt the ring of fire.

I had a 6.0 lb girl with no tearing or episiotomy. I refused to have a AROM until about 20 min before she was born and kept internal exams to a minimum.

I would have gotten the epi a lot sooner. I think that as soon as I wasn't in pain, my body relaxed enough to let the baby drop. So don't view an epi as the enemy, per se. I wouldn't have gotten the epi at the first twinge of pain either, but 6 hours was way too long for me.

It sounds like you're in a more favorable state than I was, so it probably will work out for you. Go in with a birth plan or clear idea of how you want the induction to go. Just because you will be hooked up to the monitors, etc doesn't mean that it's all or nothing. You can still say no to extra checks, AROM, and other things. Have the epi turned down as low as possible, esp when pushing. Ask that the pit be stepped up gradually.

Get with your dr. to find out what he wants to do because I have heard just as many "I needed a little pit to get started" stories as there were like mine.
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