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Re: Can I get some ideas of what to trim please?

Thanks everyone, really appreciate it, pretty much confirmed what I already know.

Dh is trying to find more work - I cannot add anymore as it is hard enough now looking after all the kids, running the house and I have really bad rheumatoid arthritis. We have zero family support and childcare here is anywhere from $75 a day - it hardly makes it worth me working. Hopefully dh can secure something else in the next few months. I am still going to try and cut some things out though because even if he is able to get more work I still doubt we will be able to get ahead, it might make day to day easier but there wont be any extra to add to superannuation etc

Yes car reg and power are really high here, sigh. Our last bill was higher as we have just had winter, the next one should be lower as in spring we dont use any aircon but in summer we get 42 degree days so it gets very hot. I am going around turning everything off at the wall etc so that hopefully the next one is as low as possible.

I will have a talk to dh about cable again and I am happy to cut my mobile but as it's only a month into a new contract I will have a huge exit fee which might not be better. It might be better to try and cut off the home phone, give our cell number to clients and go that way.
I will try to make some calls and get better deals on the insurance - I can lower the premium on the cars if I have a higher excess but without any savings if anything happens I wouldnt be able to come up with the excess to get it fixed.

Thankyou, I will make some calls over the next few days and update if I have any luck.
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