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The teacher called me. Jordan was not even supposed to bring it home, and he was not necessarily one of the trouble makers. She kept saying "3 or 4 kids get out of control and the rest of the class will quickly follow." She wanted to make it clear that would not be tolerated and did a few minutes of them having to copy it down. I did get her email address for the future and I let her know a little of why I was concerned about such a drastic change in his personality. She said, "Jordan is quiet and doesn't cause any trouble. I'm not worried about him."

I didn't say anything about the Fine comment. Part of me thinks it didn't happen now that I've talked to her. Jordan knows I'm on the same page as his teacher, but that I will listen to him if he has something to say, so all is well.

This morning, I saw a handwritten note in my son's back pack. It said:

"Disrespectful Language
I got in trouble today for using disrespectful language. As a result, I have to copy this paper. I don't enjoy having to copy this paper."

So of course, my first thought is WTF?!?!?! That is totally out of my son's character so I needed to get to the bottom of this.

So I confront him and he just bursts out in tears, drops his bowl of cereal and everything. (I said, "Jordan, what is this?" he's just a sensitive boy.)

Apparently, the "class" was being loud and disrespectful to the teacher and all were punished by having to write this letter to their parents. However, my son said he wasn't being disrespectful or loud but had to write the note because she made the entire class do it.

Anyway, I wrote on the paper:

"Ms Teacher,
Please contact me about this. Jordan said he was not using disrespectful language and was in tears explaining to me about getting in trouble for something he didn't do. He said this was a class punishment that everyone had to do, so I need clarification before addressing this behavior at home."

Her response when he showed her the letter was, "Fine."


So, how would you have handled this situation? What would you make of the teacher's response? I just told Jordan not to worry about it and to let me know if it happens again where he's punished for something he didn't do. I do understand the whole punishing the class (though I hate it because I was seriously the kid that never got in trouble on my own but always got group punishments) but at the same time, I was ready to ban him from his video games for 2 weeks because of this.
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