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Re: I can't beleive it....

Originally Posted by Christylkeller View Post
OMGoodness! That is AWFUL! I am so sorry momma! Can you go to your home owners insurance or renters insurance for help? I know mine has identity theft protection built in. Also a local church (even if you don't attend) may have a benevolence fund or food pantry that could help you out. Catholic Charities? Try and utilize the resources around you until this gets straightened out. Also, as a PP mentioned, call your creditors. They may ask for a copy of the police report to verify what you are telling them.
So true, you might have some protection under a rental or home owners insurance. I would look into it. I know Catholic Charities in our town helps in situations like these.

I agree with changing banks, they are being rude to you. How could you have prevented this? Maybe move to a credit union? We deal mostly in cash and distrust banks, no credit cards either. It just doesn't feel "safe".

So sorry you are going through all this!
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