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Re: How would you handle this?

Honestly, thinking about the school my son goes to, and the teachers/authority there... I would take it straight to the school board. Her answer was disrespectful and childish, to say the least.

Now, in REAL life... (lol) I would send her an email. I would re-explain to her that the response gave me no real idea of what was going on, and didn't give me anymore information than I previously had when I wrote the note.

If nothing is done from there, I would go to the principal and ask for a different teacher.

I take my son's (all of them) educations very seriously. If I suspect that the teacher is going to treat my child differently because they are upset with me, I will yank/move them in a heartbeat. I've done this before.

Now... I HATE HATE HATE HATE the school my kids are in. Unfortunately, we can't move right now. They failed all of their testing/requirements last year (the school did), and I would move my kids in a heartbeat if they didn't make it so much trouble.
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