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Thank you gals....AND, I'm doing it...but admit...

First, wanted to thank you for the all of you who gave input on handling the 'starting to vax again' with an exemption on file. Checked it all out. We are good to go with exemp on file for the year. We did our first catch up round 2 weeks ago.
Tomorrow both of my sons are going in for the CP and my 5 year old is getting the MMR.

I do admit that even though I've continued to research and seeing the scientific side, now that the vaccine risks are minimal. But I do have that little bit of worry in the back of my mind. But we are pushing forward. I just keep telling myself that the MMR=Autism has now been de-bunked and my son is already ASD so I know that won't be from the vax

Now the boys are getting used to getting shots all of the sudden. Last time, even the nurse was laughing because my 5 year old saw the needle and it really hit him. He said "Mom, I really do NOT like shots." SO very calm! Then she did it and he said "OUCH! Mom, I SAID I do NOT like shots!!!" And that was that. NO tears!

Then tonight he sighed really big and said, "It's shot day tomorrow. I hate shots." And then went on playing with his legos!
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