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Re: Can I get some ideas of what to trim please?

I don't know how you can pay the bills feeding 10 people on what is left over, I feel the cost of food here in NZ with a family of 5.. I am planting a small veg patch soon.

We have just got rid of movies & sports off sky & kept the basic package.

I shopped around for insurances to get the best deal.

DH got rid of his cell & just uses his work one (which is pretty flash). We need fast BB & high usage for DH when on call otherwise I would cut some of that. I am on contract for another yr.

We changed power companies a yr a go & got locked in for a really good rate, but not as it is up we are on standard so we have changed to easy pay & have the same amount come out fortnightly so we will be in credit in summer & even in winter & get prompt payment discounts even if there is money owing on it.

I don't budget clothes, gifts etc & I guess I should but when the need arises I juggle bills.

I am going through stuff & selling stuff no longer needed, sick of clutter & toys not played with so getting a few extra $ for xmas.
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