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Re: How would you handle this?

Originally Posted by mcpforever View Post
So my first thought was that you handled it fine.

Then I thought some more and figured that the teacher had already given the class their punishment and that the case was closed in her mind. So maybe, I would have just reminded DS that sometimes the entire class gets punished even when some kids aren't misbehaving. Maybe, just let him know that I expect him to only use respectful language and to make sure that he keeps his nose clean, so to speak.

And then keep my eye open for any other news. Perhaps email the teacher and tell her to let you know personally if she has any behavior issues with your child in the future.

I HATED it when the entire class would get punished. HATED it. I was (am?) a goodie two shoes who tried her best to be a rule follower and please the teachers. But I got to the point where I was able to differentiate between my own personal guilt/innocence and having to "take one for the team."
I did this too. I have caught Jordan saying "stupid" before, so I didn't think it was totally, completely not possible, but this is also the boy that's been extremely loved by all of his teachers. His teacher from last year called me and begged for me to send him back to his old school because she was now teaching the next grade up and had requested him in her class. (It was a very small public charter school) And considering the divorce, the move, his dad being very far away (and he just visited this past weekend), I want to stay on top of any of these personality changes.
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