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Re: help choosing carrier for small newborn

I do love wrapping and used a moby and then a woven wrap myself. But if you are intimidated by yards of fabric maybe try a woven conversion ring sling. Sleeping Baby Productions makes and sells them through They are a little pricey but totally worth it because they are good newborn through 2 years or more. I still use one for easy in and out with my 28lb 21 mo. The woven material is ultra supportive and they are beautifully hand woven. You can wear the baby right in front and eventually when they get older on the hip. I also recommend the Beco Gemini or Tula for buckled carriers. They are way more comfortable than what your experience with the bjorn was adn better for the baby ergonomically. They have a more supportive waist belt and cushier straps too. I think you can use the gemini at 8-35 lbs but don't quote me on that. You can find these on as well. Most of the carriers sold in stores like Babies r us and target are not going to be very comfortable. Try looking at baby carrier sites like PAXbaby or ask here cuz they are super knowledgable and actually have experience babywearing. If you invest in a good carrier you will use it longer and be happier with it in the end.
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