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Re: Can someone help me answer this "birds and bees" question for my 5.5 yr old?

Originally Posted by my2sweets View Post
My 7.5 asked 'how' a couple months ago. Until that point she was fine with the sperm meets egg but that no longer was enough. She wanted to know how the sperm got to the egg. For about a wk the answer 'sperm comes out of the penis and travels up the birth canal blahblqhbla'. Then she wanted to know exactly how the sperm got inside the vagina so I told her. We also talked about how not to share the info with friends-that was their parents job- qnd if she wanted to know more or had questions to just ask. She was satisfied. Now Im just waiting for dd2 to ask 'how' lol
I like this.
You can make it a 2 step process [sperm traveling out of the penis and through the vagina] to meet the egg.
Then if she wants more I'd go ahead and be honest. The penis goes into the vagina.

We're open and honest as well. My almost 6 year old hasn't asked that yet, but he knows about the Penis and we actually use the word Yoni to encompass all the female parts. He is starting to ask about the baby being inside though and coming out, so I know it will only be a matter of time.
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