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Originally Posted by mamamarisa
id buy more fuzzibunz honestly, i have tons of different ones, and the turkey made ones i have with the stickish pul work the best, and the stickness of them makes the inserts stay in place better IMO, i have no problem stuffing my sticky fb, the inserts slide in way way better than the ones with the delaminating smooth PUL, the sticky ones never have ever delaminated for me and if they fall apart, they have a warranty. however if you are totally 100% against fb, go with kawaii, they are big and last forever. i hear great things about large charlie banana, ive only tried the os and love them. swaddlebee simplex are ginormous but they are cheaply made imo so i dont think they would last. bottombumpers are big too, i have one green sz large in euc i can sell you if you want, its too big for my ds.
The one thing I have to say about the Turkey FB is that they (at least the larges) seem to be the same size, but were too big on my DS when the old China larges fit!
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