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Re: Possible induction for high BP and really nervous

I've had 2 successful inductions for the same reason... BP creeping up, but not into the we HAVE to get baby out NOW stage. I agreed because I was SO done - so fat and so miserable. I was 38w3d with #1 and 39w6d with #2. My inductions/labors were SO similar to each other...

Cervidil started... contractions started within about 45 minutes... progressed nicely and within 12 hours of each, kiddo was out - no IV needed - no pain meds needed.

I didn't want the Pitocin (even though they were telling me I "should")... I didn't want an IV period if I didn't need one.

The cytotec - never would have consented to that one!

I bet if you ask them to strip your membranes and then start with cervidil, that your babe and your body will cooperate.

I started out at 1cm with #1 and was 3cm with #2 at the start of inductions.
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