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Red face Forced to go with the Dave Ramsey Way.. lol


Actually, around 3 years ago, I Embraced DR. I really tried to follow most of his teachings and did get rid of my credit card debt.. but in the time we have gotten 2 new cars.. I call it falling off the wagon.. lol but we are getting rid of our home equity line AND our mortgage!!

We short saled the house.. Well, We're in the process anyway.

Not because we're in Foreclosure or we're not paying the mortgage anymore.. but because we've run out of room.. and found out that it would take like 10 years to break even on the loan. We don't want to be here another 10 years. Our realtor has advised us to go to a cash only plan.. and while I was never onboard with the cash only part of DR because I was afriad of loosing the money, running out of money in the grocery store, etc, I decided it's time I guess.

So I know the basics.. My question is, the people that went to the cash only plan, do you shop online still? Do you have Debit cards? should I do anything, or know anything that you think I might not know? Oh, what did you buy to keep your money in/organized? did it take awhile to get used to? we use our debit cards ALL THE TIME. I think this is going to be hard.
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