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Re: Need help beginning EC

Welcome! I have a two month old and its been both fun and frustrating at times! Definitely check out some of the previous threads. But just in case you don't have time, here are a few things I've learned:
- buy a couple of potties, like top hat potties or the baby bjorn smart potty
-keep your diaper stash simple (I like prefolds and grovia or wool wrap covers) so that you won't end up relying on diapers all the time
-use t-shirts instead of onesies, I even cut a whole bunch of stretchy onesies so I didn't have to buy t-shirts
- take time to observe your baby's signals when he has to go pee and poops during diaper free time
- make the easy catches: poops are usually easier than pees to catch. You can also use generic timing (after waking, after eating, during eating) to make catches
- check out some of these websites:,,
- prepare to get peed and pooped on! I just say everything is washable
- have fun!
Hope this was helpful and happy EC-ing!
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