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Re: Tubal regret...

I understand that feeling completely! I had planned to do the same thing but at the last second I panicked and I just couldn't do it, so I told them not to. But, DH had his heart set on not having any more kids so he kept talking about getting a vasectomy. I broke down and let him get one, but now I'm feeling the same way you are, with crazy baby fever! I loved being pregnant and it makes me a little sad to think there won't be any more babies in the house. He has noticed and now he feels guilty and like he pushed too hard to get it, but as soon as reality hits me I realize that things would be even more tough and financially tight with any more. I just try to focus on the positives of being done having kids as soon as the fever hits, and have a glass of wine just because you can, lol. We have also discussed the idea of fostering and/or adopting if we ever do feel like we want to grow our family. There are a lot of kids who need good homes too
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