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Re: dh threw away a diaper!

its not your fault for forgetting its his for not dealing with it. Sorry but no one likes dealing with poo. I didn't like havign to scrub out the back seat of our car when my DD puked chunks of MAc N cheese all over it... I'd rather not be awake all night dealing with a cranky teething baby, I'd rather not have to get the kids school work done when I've just gotten over a 104 fever.. Sometimes life is icky. Thats cool that yu have an arrangement that you'll deal with cloth but sometimes we have to step up and deal regardless..
FWIW I use flushable liners it was a request from DH and I don't mind I actually like using them, I'll still spray out really messy ones and so will he but the liners really help. We do have sposies around and he'll use those instead about 20% of the time unless I ask him not too (like if I jsut have a few left I need to stretch). He is respectful of my choice so I'm cool with the occasional change. Tossing it out and telling me its my fault would SOOOO not fly here.

I can not spell and have no phone to blame things on.

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