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Re: Think my 2 1/2 yr old has Croup.. what to do?

Dd2 had a mild case of croup as a toddler. She sounded horrid but as long as we sat with her so she was more upright she did ok. She was breathing fine just sounded terrible. We took her to the dr and were told we just had to let it run its course. We had 3 nights of sitting up with her and she was fine.

Ds got it at 18 months and he got it bad. I almost took him to the ERthe first night he was struggling to breath so bad. Just when I was about to pack him up and go his breathing eased up a little bit (but it was still rough). Took him to the pedi around noon and he still struggling to breath normal - which typically croup is at its worst at night and eases up during the day. We were told to get 2 doses of prednisone into him or our pedi guarenteed we'd be in the ER with him that night because night 2 is almost always worse than night 1. We discovered ds can't keep predisone down. Thankfully our pedi was the after hours dr that night so he kept the clinic open late for us and I had to rish him in for a steriod shot. 4 hours after getting that shot ds finally started breathing pretty normal again. His croup was scary and I pray to never do that again.

I would be prepared to sit up in a recliner or something with your ds for the next couple of nights. That helped both my kids a ton.
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