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Your friend should nurse as often as she can. The first few weeks I basically stayed I bed with water, snacks, and the baby. The baby should not be put onto a schedule yet. Let her nurse as much as she can. Mom should eat everytime baby does.

She should feed as often as she can and then pump right after if she can. She may not get any milk, but the extra stimulation will bring in more milk.

Fenugreek is great but I think oatmeal helps too. If she's drinking coffee, she should try to stop or drink less or half-caff. I stopped drinking coffee and within two days my pumping output doubled! Lots and lots of water. Things to avoid: peppermint and spearmint.

LLL is helpful, but I think being helped in person is better. Can she find a local mommy group to join? Maybe someone in the group will be a BF mom with tips.

I had a REALLY low supply and am managing to almost keep up with my baby's demand now. Lots of trial and error, and no coffee, and I'm finally on the right track at 9 months old. I do supplement with my sister's milk when he's not with me (bottles at daycare) since my body doesn't really like a pump, but at home baby nurses every 2-3 hours and is more than satisfied.

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