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Re: Talk to me about being Gluten free...

I agree with PP: go cold turkey. It will be hard at first, but much easier for you than trying to wean off wheat. There may be some recipes that you can successfully translate to GF, but some you may just have to find another, GF, version. Some you may just have to say goodbye to.

I suggest you make a list of everything you can eat, make a menu of recipes and meals that will work in your new diet, and go shopping. Get rid of everything that contains gluten so it isn't even an option. Get as many things as you can so that your transition is as easy as possible. There may be things that you can learn to make yourself, but initially, it may be easier, if you can afford it, to purchase pre-made items.

Be prepared to bring your own food with you to many social functions. Although GF is definitely more common now than even a couple of years ago, it is not well-understood by many people. Potlucks, family dinners, etc. are all rife with well-meaning people who may not truly understand what it means to prepare GF food.

Become an obsessive label-reader. Gluten hides in many places, which can be very frustrating.

I hope that you are able to find health on your journey. Good luck!
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