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Re: Let's see your kids' rooms!

Originally Posted by monkeymama07 View Post
umm someone else tell me there kid has a random just whatever they want room please
Can't say they have a whatever room, but one is rocking a Curious George duvet and one a shark duvet and one an orange duvet because those are things each one of them loves and enjoys. They have furnishings chosen and purchased or built based on the things they enjoy and "their treasures". Levi has a ton of pillows on his bed and a super comfy chair to rock in because he loves to snuggle in by himself or with me or a brother and browse through books and I strive to accomodate his passions and interests. A cow pillow because we have a "pet" cow and are farm crazy. Tents on their bed because they are all about forts. Their rooms are all about them, they're just not whatever if that makes sense. We also don't seek children's input on all decisions here. I'm a designer so its sort of "the mommy thing" here, its just all centered around the guys and their lives and interests without it being "whatever they want". They also don't eat whatever they want, where whatever they want, nor go to bed whenever they want. Certainly, we incorporate their desires in these things, there's just additional factors in the decision .
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