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Re: Let's see your kids' rooms!

Originally Posted by monkeymama07 View Post
umm someone else tell me there kid has a random just whatever they want room please
My boys' room is pretty random. The walls are blue because it was originally Kearnan's bedroom and his room was wizards/Harry Potter from the time he was tiny and always blue so when we bought this house we kept the theme. Well he switched bedrooms and we didn't change the paint just slapped fish vinyl clings up when it was the playroom. Then Tharen got the room and he wanted Halloween Town for his room. Yeah orange and blue are not great together but dh didn't want to paint (Tharen wants bright orange and black). Now I have both of the boys in there but it is still mostly Halloween with a bit of Hello Kitty (cause Tharen loves Hello Kitty). Kearnan brought his Kingdom Hearts prints (mostly the Sora in Halloween Town ones of course) and Harry Potter with him. It is quite the mix. Some day I will re-paint that room and pull up the floors at least. Maybe after I do the playroom. Talk about a mix up of junk.

Originally Posted by ajane View Post
I love seeing all of these rooms!!!! is it going with the boys in one room? I'm guessing pretty well.....they were both pretty excited, right?
It is actually going really well. I was a bit leery at first but they are enjoying it. We have had a few arguments but overall they are both happy to have a room buddy. Neither of them was actually sleeping particularly well but they seem to be sleeping better together. They are also loving having a playroom with a mini-trampoline. No more "but I want to play with ____ and it is in brother's room." There is just a lot less "I don't want to be near you right now" in general since they have been sharing space.
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