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Re: How would you handle this?

Originally Posted by Psychomom View Post
I had a situation with my son last year (then 1st grade) that I had corresponded via email with the teacher about. After explaining to me her perspective, she finished with, "it's been resolved." Well, I didn't feel any resolution at all, so I did wait and bring it up at P/T conference, which was a couple of weeks later. In your case, I might shoot her an email first. Nearly all the teachers at our school prefer email communication because it's quick and they can respond when they have time.
Originally Posted by southernbelle04 View Post
I interpreted it as meaning "ok, I'll get in touch with her". I'd see no reason for a teacher to discuss with a student what they'd say to their parent (I never did as a teacher).

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I didn't expect there to be any communication with my son. He was simply supposed to say I had a letter for her in his homework folder. It was written in cursive so he couldn't read it, so he has no idea what was said to the teacher. I only told him I had to ask his teacher about what happened before making any decisions. When he came home, the paper was still in his folder, with nothing on it, which is why I asked him if he gave it to his teacher. He said he gave it to her. I asked if she said anything since nothing was noted. And he said, "she said, 'Fine.'"

I do hope she gets in touch with me. As I said in a previous post, he's been through a lot this last year and I want to make sure he remains my sweet boy. If he was being disrespectful, his beloved Wii will definitely not be played for a week!

I'll have to look for an email for her. Not really sure how to even find it. Hopefully she's the only teacher with her super common last name!
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