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Whirlpool Duet Steam! We have the WFW9750WW & matching dryer. Not sure if that's specific to our year, but that's the model # I remember from doing research.

They are about two years old now and these machines are serious workhorses! I think you can put something like 18 pairs of jeans in the washer, but I've also done tiny delicates cycles and it handles both wonderfully. I LOVE the FanFresh and steam technology on the washer. There are tons of helpful cycle options for washing diapers, too, if that's part of your criteria.

Anyway.. They've done at least one load per day since day one and they are still going strong. We just serviced the washer drain pump screen ourselves (5 minutes, literally) and every once in a while stick the vacuum hose down the lint catcher on the dryer. There have been no problems, needed no servicing, nothing. They retail for around $1100-$1200 apiece but I found them on sale at Lowe's and got both machines PLUS two pedestals for $1100. If you look around you can find a good deal.
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