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Re: Anyone have a motorcycle?

Is he mechanically inclined?

My dh has ridden dirt bikes since he was 5yrs old and has been working on his own bikes since about 10. Last year with gas prices being what they are he got an enduro (street and dirt). He changes his own oil every month (he rides 40 miles a day round trip and if he gets away early sneaks up into our local mountains for a quick off road ride). There really is no huge maintenance because he does all the work and parts are really cheap. He bought his bike used.

He also does a huge off road trip from the border of CA to Cabo San Lucas (1500 miles) and has a big bike for that as well. He just did a major tune up including forks, tires etc for around $300. This is all the maintenance he will do for the year that includes this ride, another baja ride of about 500 miles and then a season in the desert. This is hard riding with jumps and huge rocks. (Look up rip to the tip and rip to cabo on Youtube).

That said I do worry about him. He is a great rider but I don't trust the other drivers. Also freak accidents happen (last year on the rip a buddy died...he was a pro rider and an x-games medalist). On a motorcycle there is nothing protecting you from harm. DH only rides on a back country road that is not frequently driven.
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