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baby update (april?may)

Baby is measuring behind about a month, and the heartbeat is irregular right now, but they don't seem to concerned. I was told to not worry as both things could just be temporary and that they will NOT push me to be induced if I go over 9 months, if the baby is still measuring behind to give the baby time to catch up if need be. I am doing fine, Morning sickness more at night then anything. So I could have this baby in May if the baby does not catch up so we shall see what happens. We are just hoping for a healthy baby and thats all we want, so keep us in your thoughts as we go through this all. Andy already loves his sibling and keeps pulling my shirt up to reveal my stomach and giving him/her kisses and saying mine (hands on belly). I asked him today if he wanted a baby sister and he looks at me and says YUCK! and I asked him well what about a baby brother, and he just went running around the house screaming YAY! As long as I am healthy and the baby is healthy they are not going to even mention induction. So april or May here I come!
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