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Re: Found this blog about Snap Benefits

Originally Posted by My Sweet Blessings View Post
I just don't see it the way you do. There are requirements in place in order to continue to receive the benefits. You have to either have employment, be able to show you are actively trying for employment and I am pretty sure there are some classes you have to take in regards to jobs. i remembering seeing that somewhere about the classes. You can offer budgeting classes, couponing classes, ect, (and i think that would be great) but you can't force someone to implement what is being taught. What if the people are limited to where they can shop? What if the food costs are high at that particular place? I remember seeing a special on tv and one woman stuck a cord with me. She was the mother of 2 kids. she had no transportation and was limited where she could go. She walked everywhere. The closest store to her had limited items and tehy were on teh expensive side. there were no real healthy options. she is not along in these struggles. there are so many variables into each situation and what they have available to them. ultimately, it's up to them. for the bottom line, it makes no difference to the program. $300 shelled out is still going to be $300 shelled out.
This is very true. Many people may not realize this, but if you go into the inner cities, the not so nice areas, there aren't a bunch of grocery stores. You see "corner stores" a lot and the food is expensive. But, your other option, if you don't have transportation, is to take the bus. I'd love to see someone take the bus with their regular load of groceries. And remember to bring your own cart that usually carries about 2-3 bags, right? Don't forget the kids you have in tow. It very quickly becomes a bigger deal than we think. So, people spend more on less because that is what they have access too.

I'm very happy school started because my kids school serves breakfast and lunch for free (to ALL kids). They also have a free after school snack. So that allowed my $338 monthly budget to stretch even further. But, I just got a letter saying my "benefits" have increased. $389!!! Woot! Not bad for a family of 5. I go to pantries and get food from neighbors that are moving or emptying their pantries to help stretch it further. Unfortunately WIC doesn't cover what my son likes to eat... he doesn't like purees or baby cereal, but that's what they cover for him in addition to his formula. And since my DD has allergies, they cut out her eggs and peanut butter and she gets $6 fresh foods and veggies, 72 oz cereal, 16 ozs whole grains, and I think that's it. But, it covers her soy milk too, and my son's formula which is $117/mo! So, I keep going.

Anyway, my point is that everybody is going to have a different story. What's easy for some isn't easy for others. What's helping some, isn't helping others. What some can do with their SNAP benefits, others just can't for whatever reason. To me, coupons are a joke, it takes more time and energy to save a few bucks than it's worth when I look at what I'm buying.
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