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Re: Lost toy at sitter's house, advice?

Originally Posted by Nora+6 View Post
So you think that this woman snatched a $10 run-of-the-mill train from your kid (without him noticing) and is so desperate to keep it that she's blowing you off?

Your kid isn't as careful as you thought and he misplaced his toy. Lesson learned.

I might thoroughly dig through my house to help find your child's bracelet, received at birth from a passed-on aunt, but I'm not breaking a sweat for "Thomas". She looked, she let you look, it wasn't found. Sucks for your kid, but it will happen again.
A little rough, but honestly about how I feel. $10-$15. If my little one was really young, I would replace it. Otherwise, I would make sure he understood that it was a lesson learned.

Originally Posted by Geckmumto3 View Post
Can I ask who you would be mad at?

Really? Would people really assume the childcare provider's children stole the missing toy? Rather than a normal kid misplacing his toy and forgetting where it is, you would assume malice on the part of other kids?

I always tell parents to take toys home. If kids are obsessing over and clutching a hot wheel or a train or whatever, they are not doing what they should be doing with friends--- playing with two hands in a carefree manner.

Yeah, I cannot believe that people jump straight to someone stealing the toy. It's not some diamond encrusted heirloom. We are talking about a quality, mass produced product that could likely be replaced within hours.

Originally Posted by Geckmumto3

Can I ask who you would be mad at?


I would be mad in general but also upset with the sitter. Mainly because if she was watching my one child I would suspect she would be playing with him and keeping an eye on him the whole time. There should be by room for "lost toys". This would make me think she wasn't doing a great job watching him. I would also be upset with her not getting back to me. It's not "just a train" as someone else said. It's that child's train which they have make a "bond" with. Children favor certain toys and the sitter should keep looking or AT LEAST reply saying she hasn't found it or offer to buy a new one. I would never let her but a nice sitter would offer. I guess that's just me... I would be overall really distort with the whole situation.

Love the perfection. Honestly, I might have let you stick around for 20 minutes to look, but after that, I'd make a note to look for it when I am cleaning up. But, that would be it. Kids lose toys. It happens, even when the adults watching them know where they were.

Originally Posted by hishouseholdsix View Post
Thanks to everyone for sharing your opinions, and to everyone who expressed kind words about the loss of his lovey. I do realize that I'm a little sensitive about his train, but he's my baby and I hate to see him upset. With that being said, I'm not at all blaming her for the loss, I did find it frustrating however that there was a breakdown in communication. But, it's all over now and we've learned our lesson and moved forward. I would like to clarify a couple of things though. I did help her look for those 20 minutes, and I also paid her for an extra full hour to thank her for her time. I expressed to her when we got there and before we left that he thought of this train as a lovey, but I did not in any way blame her for its loss. I just wanted her to understand that it wasn't "just a train" to my DS.

At any rate, it's over now and we are moving on and using it as an opportunity to teach the kids about being responsible for anything we leave the house with. Thanks to everyone who took the time to read and respond!

ehh, I don't know how much communication is needed. I would not be updating you every hour or every day. I'd give it a couple of days and let you know I hadn't found it. I have a busy life. I don't have time to spend updating someone about a toy, even every couple of days.

Originally Posted by TinaDeanette View Post
Seriously, my kids can lose a toy in the bathroom!
Yup. It is amazing how easy it is to lose a toy.
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