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Originally Posted by jenn5388
So I know the basics.. My question is, the people that went to the cash only plan, do you shop online still? Do you have Debit cards? should I do anything, or know anything that you think I might not know? Oh, what did you buy to keep your money in/organized? did it take awhile to get used to? we use our debit cards ALL THE TIME. I think this is going to be hard.
We interpreted "cash only" as "only money we have, no credit", not "green money only".

We do 100% cash for groceries and my horses because we buy all of that locally/in person. About 50-60% of our clothing budget is cash because if I find a good deal online, I want to be able to order it (IF it fits in the budget). About 20-30% of my blow money is cash because most of my blow money gets spent on books at Amazon (or diapers, lol!) but all of DH's blow money is on his debit card. All of the gas budget is on a debit card because the cheapest place to fill up is Sams and they don't take cash.

Just start with one budget category in cash and go from there - and don't be afraid to tailor it to what works best for you! Good luck
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