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Re: Found this blog about Snap Benefits

Originally Posted by JeDeeLenae View Post
I know, but we don't eat much of that stuff. I like making muffins, but then it's just buying extra non-essential stuff, and I try to avoid that. I just don't get what I don't think he'll eat. I've got about 15 jars left that he wants nothing to do with. We had pizza tonight (Found a 2 pack of fresh pizzas for $3.29!!!) and he bites the pizza. He is not interested in pureed peas. He doesn't even like the apples either. That's about $30 every month that doesn't get used that I would love to have go toward fresh fruits and veggies. He loves fruit and veggies!!
Use the purees as "jam" on bread, or make them into popsicles. My DD decided a while ago she was done with purees, but I used mine up like that. Try the chunkier ones, too?
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