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Re: Can I get some ideas of what to trim please?

Originally Posted by Alipop View Post
Something to check into right away - here Verizon gives you 30 days before you are actually locked into a new contract. You might be able to return the phone & cancel the contract and just pay a $30 restocking fee.
Oh that would be so good - I will check that out. thankyou.

nzmum - food is shocking - I already make everything from scratch and am also looking at growing vegies (but that requires an outlay too).

We were doing fine but dh lost a contract and it's just stuffed everything up.

I just called the insurance company and raised our excesses on both the car and the house, it will mean I really need to get saving up incase something happens but it's saving over $20 a month so I guess every little bit helps.

I am looking into what I can do about my mobile now.

I have no idea if we could refinance or not
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