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Re: chicken pox vaccine effectiveness

Originally Posted by ohgirlohboyohno View Post
**not a debate about getting vax'd or not getting vax'd **
just curious about experiences

So, this week my (one week shy of 1 yr old) DD came down with chicken pox. She has not had the vaccine yet.

We think she got it from my 13 yr old. The week prior older dd woke up with a bunch of spots on her face and neck. They originally looked like pimples but by the end of the day they all popped and by the following day they were scabbing over...not typical acne (and she does not have an acne problem and uses face wash etc). The Dr. couldn't figure out what it was and just trated it as a staph infection.

But then this week the baby got spots and when I took her in he said chicken pox...we never considered older DD having chicken pox cause she has had a vaccine and a booster for them. And was exposed to them at around 2nd grade when our neighbor (and her best friend) got them (was a vax'd kid too)

SOOOO....after all that rambling I was curious how many people have had kids that were vax'd or know of kids that were vax'd and still got pox? this an"adverse reaction" to a vax? (with older dd) like should I be reporting it to someone? Vaccine group or something??
I have not read any responses but I can tell you what happened to me when I was 14!

My brother was 6 years old, first grade. He had the chicken pox vaccine and got a very mild case of chicken pox from school. When he just got over that, I got an even milder case than he did. I obviously got it from him. I was also vaccinated.

Neither me or my brother was "sicK" in the sense of feeling bad. We basically just had the rashes. His was more spread out than mine - all over his body. Mine was on my scalp, my face, and very few on my back and arms.

Back then my mother (who was a nurse before I was born) had the idea that vaccines only protect from getting a severe form of the illness, it did not completely stop you from getting it. We were introduced as pre-schoolers to other kids with these diseases bcs my mother wanted us to get them, and get it over with. We never got them when she planned it. We only got them as I mentioned above.

Our GP at the time we got sick, told me the same thing my mom believed: Vaccine reduce severeness, might prevent but does not necessarily do so.

Now, that is all I know. It is obviously based on experience and nearly 30 year old medical information.
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