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Re: Forced to go with the Dave Ramsey Way.. lol

Here's the thing about cash in actual dollar bills cash only. One of the biggest reasons to go to that sort of budget is that having actual cash dollar bills and using actual cash dollar bills to pay for things really truly does make you think just a bit more about the dollars you are spending. And this becomes more true the longer you use the system.

We use cash for almost everything. And in fact, DH gets paid every week, and we often have to take part from week 1, part from week 2, etc each month, so we always take that in cash too.

Groceries are in cash.
Mortgage is in cash.
DH's gas is in cash.
My gas is on the debit card and the tank gets filled up on the way to the ATM
Car maint is in cash
The car insurance is an auto deduction from our bank account. If we have to budget for it on the off week (ie it comes out on the 15th but if we need it to come out of the check on the 5th) then I take the cash out on the fith, put it in it's envelop, then put it back in on the 15th. not a fabulous system with that, but it keeps me or DH from spending it.
Electric I pay online using my debit card as a CC. I pay it on pay day, in the morning before I hit the ATM for the cash. We budget weekly and sometimes I have to make a partial payment weekly, which is never a problem for our utility companies. I have had problems paying like that with debts, but never on utilities.
Natural gas is paid online just like the electric
Cell phones I pay in cash at the kiosk in the store...saves tax money that way actually
Sewer, water and trash are paid online, just like the electric. All are paid on the provider's website except water. That one is paid through my bank's online banking system.
Netflix is an auto debit on the debit card as a CC
Our misc envelop (meant to be an "expect the unexpected" fund)is cash and our blow money is cash
We have 3 debts with regular minimums, 2 are auto debits, and one is paid online like the utilities. They have to be budgeted to come out the week they are due to be debited.
Everything else is cash, like school fees, car registration, etc etc.

Now...I NEVER carry all that cash around with me. The only time I even have most of it is right when I take it out of the ATM. Often, I am taking the cash out of the ATM and then spending it or paying the bill with it within hours, or a few days at most. When I pay my daughter's book fees, I hit the ATM in the morning, and then pay the bill at the school in cash that afternoon when I am there picking her up anyway.

For the things that we do have to hold on to for awhile, like groceries or whatever, We have a binder system that includes envelopes that I can jsut pull out and take with when needed. Or DH can pull out and take with when needed, with no need to ask me for "permission." With the binder that we can both get to easily, it really is the BUDGET telling him no, and not me. Plus, no one has all the money all at once, and it's not at risk of being lost or stolen while out running errands. We can also bring back receipts and store them and track them in the binder, as well as goal sheets, records, etc. I am still working to get the binder organized just how I want so it's a work in progress.

We also TRACK every dollar and cash expense on excel sheets, that we also keep in our phones. Those are more for personal use, I don't mess with his spreadsheet, he doesn't mess with mine.
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