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Re: targets biodegradable pristine clean detergent

I'm loving it more and more no more excessive suds but still totally clean diapers I even increased the amount to the 2 line when I added more diapers to my stash and still no excessive suds.. Every stain has come out.. No ammonia smell even sitting in the pail for up to 3 days night diapers comming our super clean and DD skin been super clear even after a few really messy diapers that I might not of caught in time we had not more than a touch of redness, a little powdr and a change latter she is perfect.. BEfore we;d have welts and bleeding rash..
Its not the cheepest detergent a bottle seems to be about a months supply for us using it on all laundry, and that runs about $6 but its been sooo worth it.

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