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Re: What does your 10 to 12 month old eat for "lunches"?

Originally Posted by Lifeisjoy View Post
Can you share 'tomato cheddar' sauce? Yumm
Either make sauce from scratch or used jarred, doesn't really matter. Heat up quite a bit and add a little warmed milk, then add shredded (finely) cheddar. It melts in. I have tried it without adding the touch of warmed milk but it doesn't seem to melt in the cheese as well.

My cheat though when we were on vacation and I only had a microwave and a Target or Trader Joes, is Annie's organic canned little cheese raviolis or Trader Joe's organic Joe-O's. The Annie's have to be cut up for my almost one year old to eat but the Joe-O's are perfect as is. I usually don't use anything canned not in glass but we were desperate and for travel, it worked great. Super easy. I just put them out on him tray in a single layer, smeared it out, and then added grated cheddar and he picked up piece by piece with the cheddar and ate quite a bit! We were eating shellfish so he wasn't going to be eating bits off our plates.
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