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Do you regularly cook breakfast for your family??

Sometimes on the weekend I might make french toast and bacon, or scrambled eggs. And that's only if everybody is relatively in a good mood and i don't think a meltdown is about to ensue and I won't have somebody biting at my heels in the kitchen. But every other day it is cereal and fruit or toast. I just let them pick which cereal they would like. I have noticed people saying they cook waffles etc for their kids in the a.m. I just can't be bothered to cook breakfast. I cook dinner almost every night though. Am I just a lazy mom??

ETA: I just wanted to add that when I say cereal I don't mean sweetened rubbish! My kids can either have corn flakes, rice crispies, bran or muesli (which is what I have.) I just don't usually feel like a hot breakfast myself. During winter we make oatmeal but for some reason my kids don't like it. The baby was eating oatmeal but she doesn't want it any more either, lol. DH eats weet bix, DD1 eats cornflakes, raisin toast and some oj, DD2 eats muesli and an apple, DD3 eats cornflakes or whatever she gets popped onto her highchair and i usually give her a banana as well.

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