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Just need to's another spanking thread

So we don't spank. Don't believe in it. But I also believe in freedom of if you do, fine. I don't go on crusades to tell others how to parent. Spanking is available in the arsenal, but we refuse to use it.

But I am sick and tired of the logic that if you don't spank, you don't parent. That other consequences and punishments aren't good enough. That you HAVE to spank or your kids won't respect you. That parents spanking less (they do this? I don't know other parents irl who don't believe in spanking....unless my stepmom counts with her 43yo son) is why we have more crime and unsafe schools. These arguments are outdated and downright offensive.

You wanna spank your kids? Fine. I won't. And you know what? I'll bet they both end up normal, well-adjusted adults someday.
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