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Re: targets biodegradable pristine clean detergent

Originally Posted by RockinLou View Post
surfacants are salts, not plant oils, in my experience the plant based detergents are terrible, but at good salt based detergent is the BEST choice if you want an environmentally friendly detergent to clean diapers with! That's important to me, personally, so I'm glad to here there is another option out there!
good to know and I totally agree on the plant based thing. I was kinda hessistent on using this at first because I wondered if they were trying to copy 7th generation which I HATE.. So I'm glad to hear the difference. I honestly think I'm going to snag a few spare bottles when I can.

some photos of the bottle our was located with the more "green" cleaning products like they also had method stuff Myers Dr Wakins and 7th generation stuff..

pictures of the bottle if it helps..

the front labeling

the back with "dirrections"

I'm using to the 2 line maybe a little below for about 18 diapers and wipes.
still doing a bit of bleach in prewash but nothing else is added to my rountinue.

I can not spell and have no phone to blame things on.

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