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Re: I hate reflux.

Interesting about the Elevil. I have heard nothing about it to be honest. I'm sorry, I know it sucks. There really is no good way to determine how to treat GI kiddos. They treat them with what is most probable to help them but if they have complex problems their bodies do not always react the way the doctor thinks it should. As for pain, we use a combination of Motrin, Carafate and Tylenol with Codeine to manage gut pain.

Yes, sometimes you can't win. I weaned ds off of Reglan in March because of how well he was doing and now it seems the medical repercussions from taking him off his motility meds are going to be severe. I have put him back on Reglan but we can't stop his rectal bleeding. He keeps bleeding from the slightest strain and I might have to have a surgeon remove the rest of his anus (already disconnected since he has a colostomy). I could cry my son is probably going to lose a piece of his body and put through inpatient surgery because of a decision I made. We are still working on sorting things out but the bleeding has been going on for 6 weeks with occasional skipped day here or there.
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