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Re: dh threw away a diaper!

Originally Posted by mars817 View Post
Yea he really doesn't care He did tell me so on that account it is my fault for forgetting but he could have put it somewhere else. I don't mind handling the poo, I just forgot. He knows how to use them, we switched because my son was having utis, but since he has been fine dh doesn't think we need them anymore. Now that I know more I like that he doesn't have a ton of nasty chemicals on him. I like using fitteds, but my mil (watches him while I work) likes pockets so I have a ton of those ready to go, he has not excuse just likes sposies better.
well, yes, you forgot to clean it but I bet if it had been left in a bathroom and not in a trash can that it wouldn't have been tossed. That's just a ridiculous place to put something that is not trash, I would be really upset about that as it was a pretty disrespectful move, and um.... he isn't having UTIs anymore because he's in cloth- it worked, why go backwards? thats just not a logical argument on his part.
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