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Re: Think my 2 1/2 yr old has Croup.. what to do?

My 3 year old has croup too. Last night was the first bad night. Called the advice nurse and was told the hot steamy shower and then cool mist vaporizer. Unfortunately we didn't have one of those, so we tired the steam vaporizer.

I knew about the cold night air, but just my luck we are going through a heat spell and it was hotter outside than inside! But the freezer sounds like a good idea if it starts getting bad again tonight.

We have been pushing fluids all day and the fever seems to be disappearing. It was 102.5 for the last 2 days, but when I put him to bed tonight it was 98.3. Hoping it doesn't spike in the night! My brother's wedding in on Saturday, so I'm hoping he is better then and my 4 month old doesn't catch it!
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