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Re: Think my 2 1/2 yr old has Croup.. what to do?

Seriously - there is a reason that all grandmas have a story about Croup.

It is because as a parent in is so scary to witness. I feel scarred by my Croup experiences.

The good thing is that they do is most cases grow out of it because their airways get bigger. They still get the virus but it doesn't affect big kids and people the same way.

It is worse at night - for sure.

The cold air thing is what the recommend now. Like the other mamas said it is all about inflammation and the thought is that the cold reduces the swelling.

When my kids have had it in the past they slept in bed with us under our down comforter with the windows all open (so it was like 40 degrees in the room). This helped the sleep a lot.

If they do give the oral steroid it really helps, but it isn't instant. It takes hours to work. So if your night is bad tonight ask for one tomorrow so tomorrow night is better. We only ever needed one dose. But I had a nice doctor give me two doses (but instructed me to use only 1 dose) in the bottle one time (just in case my LO spit some out or we spilled it or something) - her idea - I thought that was really thoughtful.

Hope you have a better night.
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