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Re: Heartbeat?

my mw couldn't find this baby's hb at like 12 1/2 wks i think? she wasn't worried but i was so i went back the next week and when she still couldn't find it, they booked me in for an u/s the next day. baby was just fine and the placenta was at the back/top. even at my next appt after that, they had to get a different doppler to hear it. i'm not even that fluffy (like i'm 170 lbs now at 30 weeks) so we can't figure out why it was so hard to find all those times. but i can reassure you that he is just fine in there've had 3 miscarriages so it sure freaked me out but they were really good about making me feel better and working it out. i would totally move your next appt to the office with the u/s if it would help you feel better. or just call the doc and see if you can come in for a quickie (not THAT kind of quickie!) before your next appt to check again.
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