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Originally Posted by nhochs
I hope you don't mind if I join. We are 4 weeks in to FPU at our church and it has given me so much motivation. I have been following DR on the radio for the last 3 years or so but it's nice to actually get gazelle.

DH and I have some decisions to make after FPU and I'm so on the fence. The last 3 years I have been a SAHM to my 4 girls (16,12,3 and 2). My 3rd dd has a medical condition that needs weekly appointments and she attends a special needs preschool. We have a lot of debt. I mean a lot! We were like 25% of the total debt of our class.
Here it is:
Student Loans 84k
Credit Cards 30k
Mortgage 186k
2nd Mortgage 25k
Medical bills 18k

Gross! My dh makes roughly 84k a year and we live on a strict budget but we aren't making much headway with all of our debt. The student loans are mine and I have a MBA. We need to decide if I should return to work. Looking at the numbers it's a no brainer but my dh and I are having such a hard time with it. The main concern is our dd and putting her in daycare. My initial thought is that I wait 2 years until she begins kindergarten then go back full time. But if I wait I feel like I'm hurting my family financially. I've thought about part time but with paying part time daycare costs it's almost a wash. I've been contacted by several companies I could expect to earn around $55k a year.

So help me please...what would you do? Am I being too emotional?

I'm no DR expert but in our case, we decided that we couldn't put a dollar amount on me staying home with DS and our future children. It means the world to both of us and even freedom from financial slavery coming a few years sooner isn't worth it to us.

Is there a way to compromise? Work from home or work shifts opposite your dh?

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